Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Drawings of Dianne Beevers

Within our group, our band of women, we have makers and artists of all kind.  One wonderful woman who is enthusiastic about all forms of art, and has brought that enthusiasm to Blacksmith Doris with all bells jingling is Dianne Beevers.

Dianne works at the forge taking her inspiration from the metal, following it to see where it may take her.

Sometimes, though, Dianne prefers to draw from the bustle of the barn to create images of us and the objects that she sees.

Today I am posting some of her objects and will post more drawings soon.

Dianne Beevers "Forged curls" 2013
Ink, watercolour on paper.

Dianne Beevers. Forged scrap, 2013.
Ink, watercolour on paper.'o

Dianne Beevers Forged curls#2, 2013
Ink, watercolour on paper.

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