Saturday, 15 February 2014

HOME MADE: the up-cycled furniture expo

An exhibition that features Laura Licciardi, one of the Blacksmith Doris members.  It opens today, in fact now.  I am late again.

the up-cycled furniture expo

Showcasing unique designs from a mix bag of professional craftworkers and passionate backyard artisans. HOME MADE will make you take a second look at the things usually destined for the rubbish bin. In our consumerist society, where things are designed to break and be replaced with the latest model, we are all too quick to discard the old and bring on the new.
Now enter a world where a new use can be found for everything and the beauty of an object can still be appreciated long after it ceases being functional. A set of wheels, a coat of paint or a handful of soil and a seeding - suddenly that old beauty found in hard rubbish has a new life - and perhaps a whole new use. Throw your old find into a bowl. Add a sprinkle of love. Lots of time and season to taste with skill and talent. Place object inLittle TENGU until done… Serve while they are hot.
A special event for us this year as it is Little TENGU’s first birthday. And what better way to celebrate than with an exhibition of artists who share our vision and passion for the art of “up-cycling”.
You are invited to join us for the opening on the 16th of February and to celebrate our birthday on the 2nd of March. A great opportunity to enjoy food from Little TENGU’s home made up-cycled BBQ!

Laura Licciardi
John Davison
Ramona Stevenson
William Slape
Sohei Nakada
Eric Forrest
Ree Nakada

16th Feb - 2nd March 2014
16th Feb from 12pm
2nd March from 2pm

93 Plenty rd PRESTON 3072

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