Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

This is The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago made between the years 1974 - 1979.  You might be asking why this has been added to a blacksmithing blog.  What Judy did was to gather women who where crafts people using traditional women's craft to build this installation about women.  What would it look like using blacksmithing for an installation of the same ilk?  Would it resonate today?

I have included the link to the original source at the Brooklyn Museum, and to Judy Chicago's web site.  The Brooklyn Museum also shows details of the table and descriptions.

The Dinner Party

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  1. My friend is throwing a dinner party at her place. She recently got married at one of popular Chicago wedding venues. Will be going there along with my fiancée and planning to gift her beautiful dress along with an elegant flower bouquet.